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General Information
South Harbor, the country’s gateway to international shipping and trade, is under the direct management of the Port Management Office of the South Harbor (PMO-South Harbor), which in turn is organizationally part of and under the Port District of Manila (PDO- Manila). PMO-South Harbor includes in its jurisdictional area the Terminal Management Office of Pasig (TMO-Pasig), located along the Pasig River, a tributary of Manila Bay.
Location : The Port Management Office-South Harbor is located south of Manila Harbor and lies at the northeast shoulder of Manila Bay, southeast of Luzon Island and in the City of Manila with the coordinates Lat. 14° 36.2’N Long. 120° 58.0’E.
Total Port Area : The territorial area of PMO-South Harbor has been expanded eastward up to Bonifacio Drive from 58 hectares by about 26.9 hectares for a total of 58 hectares excluding the wharf zone.
It has a shoreline of two (2) kilometers and is protected by some 10,000 feet or rock barriers enclosing about 600 hectares of anchorage.
Access Road : The main access for South Harbor traffic is through Bonifacio Drive, a six lane, divided and concrete paved road.
Entrance Channel/ Turning Basin : The Fairway (navigational Channel) of South Harbor is about 200 m. wide and 3 kms. Long. It runs through an opening about 300 m. wide between the south and west breakwaters. The depth of the channel is approximately 11.0m. below mean low low water (MLLW) or deeper along its full length.
Physical Environment/ Topography :

PMO-South Harbor directly faces the Manila Bay, the Southwestern part of which is narrow and connected with South China Sea through the North and South Channels off Corregidor Island, approximately 45 kms. From the estuary of the Pasig River.

The water depth of the two channels is deep enough for large ships to enter. The bay is surrounded by the Bataan Peninsula to the west and Cavite Province to the south.

The Zambales mountain range stretches north of Bataan and northwest of the city. East of Manila, the Sierra Madre mountains range runs from north to south. Spacious plains known as the Central Plains of Luzon run northwards.

These topographical characteristic protect Manila from strong winds caused by typhoons and from high waves generated by the southwest monsoon winds.

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